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Thank you for stopping by to visit us here at Champion Corgi Pups Home
We have been loving and breeding these magnificent creatures for over a decade.
We from time to time have top quality Corgi puppies for sale to loving families.
We place our puppies in show & pet homes.

We are a family owned operation that breeds champion bloodline AKC Corgi puppies. Our objective is to produce the highest quality puppies, for family pets and companions. We do not offer nor do we guarantee our puppies for show or breeding, instead we would rather they be considered by the people that adopt them as family members, preferably as children!

Our love for Corgis came about after we welcomed our first Corgi Rocky into our home. He is an amazing dog and has been the backbone of our program, providing many of the adult Corgis that we have today. Although he is no longer used for breeding, his amazing personality seems to be what everyone we encounter is looking for in a Corgis. It's no accident that we chose to keep his puppies, they have the same laid-back and relaxed personalities as Rocky.

We are vigilant to assure that our puppies are the finest available, we use the best technology to closely monitor the mother and her babies for the first eight weeks. We work with and handle the puppies daily, pampering them helps to create superior emotional health. Three days after birth dew claws are removed and tails are docked by a licensed veterinarian. Vaccinations and deworming is completed utilizing a strict program, all documentation is provided. Pre-crate training begins at six weeks of age. Puppies are socialized with adult dogs and other animals, such as cats at an early age.

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I honestly don’t know where to start.  I went through about 5 breeders before I finally  discovered Champion Corgi Pups Home.   I had so many difficulties with all of the other breeders.  Some  were very poor at responding,  some were rude, and some were all about  the  money;  however, you  responded  immediately  and  you  answered  any  question  I  ever  had.  Not  only  was  I  thrilled  to  have  found  such  a  reputable  breeder,  I  was ecstatic  at  the  potential  my  future  fur  baby  could  have.  I  was  kept  up  to  date  and  got  numerous  pictures  of  him  while  I  waited  for  him  to finally  come  home.  He  was  extremely  healthy  and  had  plenty  of  room  to  run  and  play  with  his  litter  mates.  My  experience  with  Champion Corgi Pups Home was  absolutely  incredible,  and  you  gave  my  absolute  best  friend,  Moose.  I  thank  God  everyday  for  what  an  amazing  dog  he  is  and  how  lucky  I am  to  have  him.  My  expectations  have  gone  above  and  beyond,  and  every  time  I  bring  Moose  anywhere  I  get  numerous  compliments  on  how sweet  and  beautiful  he  is.  I  also  live  in  Georgia  and  driving  to  go  pick  him  up  was  worth  every  mile  because  we  were  greeted  with  a  warm  host and lots of puppy kisses!! I can’t wait until I get my second puppy from Champion Corgi Pups Home !Thank you so much for everything that you do, Moose says hi!!

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Hello, After  about    a  year  of  researching  different Corgi  breeders  I  happened  to  stumble  on  Champion Corgi Pups Home.   I  wasn't  sure  I wanted  to  travel  9  hours  for  a  dog  but  I  am  so  glad  we  did!    Our  experience  with  Champion Corgi Pups Home  has  been  a  great  one  and  our  Bennie  Briscoe  has brought  so  much  love  and  life  to  our  busy  house.    After  having  had  a  few  different  colors  in  the  breed  (fawn,  brindle)  I  was  looking  for  a reverse  brindle  with  flashing  and  I  knew  that  Champion Corgi Pups Home produced  the  most  beautiful  pups.    I  was  kind  of  particular  (ok,  really  particular)  on what  I  wanted  and  Champion Corgi Pups Home  did  a  great  job  handling  my  A  type  personality  as  well  as  making  sure  we  got  what  we  wanted.    I  love  that  all  the health  testing  is  done  on  her  dogs  and  they  come  with  a  clean  bill  of  health.    When  we  arrived,  Bennie  was  clean  and  ready  to  go.    Champion Corgi Pups Home  introduced  us  to  his  mom  and  dad  and  our  kids  were  able  to  see  the  other  dogs  in  the  liter.    Bennie  has  the  best  temperament.    I  have  4  small children and he just adores each one of them.  We had a great experience and would definitely do it again when we are ready for our second!  (We are going to go for a white one this time).  Sincerely. Gray

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Before  we  welcomed  our  Elmer  into  our  home,  we  lost  our  very  first  corgi  to  congenital  renal  failure.  She  was  only  2.5  years  old  when  we  had to  say  goodbye.  Our  other  corgi  was  lost  without  her  and  in  need  of  a  companion.  As  a  veterinarian  and  a  heart  broken  corgi  lover,  I  knew  I wanted  to  find  a  responsible  breeder  that  did  genetic  testing  on  their  dogs.  It  didn’t  take  me  long  to  come  across  Champion Corgi Pups Home  and  of course  I  fell  in  love  with  all  of  their  pictures.  I  emailed  them  and  told  them  our  story.  They  sent  me  a  reply  within  15  minutes  and  set  up  a time  to  talk  on  the  phone.  They  answered  all  of  my  questions  and  within  a  half  an  hour  of  talking  we  put  a  deposit  on  a  puppy  that  was  due  a week  or  two  later.  Champion Corgi Pups Home  was  great  about  sending  picture  updates  and  answering  all  my  crazy  questions  in  the  long  8  weeks  of  waiting  to meet  our  boy.  I  wouldn’t  hesitate  for  a  second  to  refer  someone  to  her.  We  hope  to  have  our  current  corgi  for  a  long  time,  but  when  the time comes to welcome another corgi into our hearts I know I will get in touch with Champion Corgi Pups Home